• Quiggins Kendal Mint Cake
What is Brown Kendal Mint Cake?2020-08-28T17:55:13+00:00

Brown Kendal Mint Cake is made in exactly the same way as White Kendal Mint Cake but Brown Sugar is used instead of White Sugar.

Is Kendal Mint Cake Gluten Free?2020-08-28T17:54:29+00:00

Yes Kendal Mint Cake is Gluten free.

Is Kendal Mint Cake Vegan?2020-08-28T17:52:08+00:00

Yes Kendal Mint Cake is suitable for vegans.

How Many Calories In Kendal Mint Cake?2020-08-28T17:39:13+00:00

Nutritional Information for White Kendal Mint Cake is printed on each bar and the Calorific content is per 100g

What is Kendal Mint Cake Made Of?2020-08-28T17:49:50+00:00

The ingredients used in the manufacture of Kendal Mint Cake are: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Fondant, Oil of Peppermint and Salt.

Is Kendal Mint Cake Good For You?2020-08-28T17:48:48+00:00

In moderation yes it is. Particularly useful if you are needing a boost of energy.

Where Can I Buy Kendal Mint Cake?2020-08-28T18:09:08+00:00

Kendal Mint Cake is sold widely throughout the U.K.

Quiggins do export to America, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, and NewZealand.

Most National Trust shops stock Kendal Mint Cake

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Kendal Mint Cake Recipe2020-08-05T12:10:53+00:00

Kendal Mint Cake is made from sugar, glucose syrup, water and peppermint oil.

But why make it yourself when you can buy the best original Kendal Mint Cake online from our shop

What Is Kendal Mint Cake?2020-08-28T17:45:27+00:00

Kendal Mint Cake is simply a Sugar Candy Bar flavoured with mint.

Borne in the small Cumbrian town of Kendal, Mint Cake has become known throughout the world.  It accompanied the first expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest and its reputation has continued to grow since.

As well as being enjoyed by many as simply a tasty treat, it continues to be sought by those that involved in endurance activities.  Although very popular amongst the mountaineering and hill walking community, it is also used widely by cyclists and runners.  Whenever energy levels are depleted, Kendal Mint Cake comes to the rescue!

What makes Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake stand above its rivals is the use of a special blend of bespoke peppermint oils in its manufacture giving its own unique flavour.

Kendal Mint Cake is available in either the original White, Brown or Plain Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake.

How Long Does Kendal Mint Cake Last?2020-08-28T17:47:00+00:00

Quiggins Mint Cake carries a best before date of 12 months but the product would likely be much longer.

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