Quiggins Kendal Mint Cake


Borne in the small Cumbrian town of Kendal, Mint Cake has become known throughout the world.  It accompanied the first expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest and its reputation has continued to grow since.

As well as being enjoyed by many as simply a tasty treat, it continues to be sought by those that involved in endurance activities.  Although very popular amongst the mountaineering and hill walking community, it is also used widely by cyclists and runners. Whenever energy levels are depleted,  Mint Cake comes to the rescue!

What makes Quiggin’s Mint Cake stand above its rivals is the use of a special blend of bespoke peppermint oils in its manufacture giving its own unique flavour.

Kendal Mint CakeWhite Kendal Mint Cake

Is available in either the Original White, Brown or Plain Chocolate Covered.

Commonly known as “The original energy bar” first made its appearance over a century ago.  In simple terms it is a sugar candy bar that is flavoured with mint….in reality it is a tasty candy bar that is sought after by Hill Walkers, Mountaineers and other endurance athletes.  It is made from Sugar, Glucose, Fondant, Peppermint Oil and a small amount of Salt.

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Brown Kendal Mint CakeBrown Kendal Mint Cake

Arriving shortly after white mint cake the brown version made its appearance.  It is made in the identical way as the white version but instead of using white granulated sugar we use soft light brown sugar. Also popular with endurance athletes this product is a high energy source provided in the form of a tasty treat.  The ingredients are boiled up in an open copper pan, poured into rubber moulds, left overnight to cool and then wrapped.

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Chocolate Mint CakeChocolate Coated Kendal Mint Cake

Approximately 40 years ago Quiggin’s developed a chocolate covered mint cake bar.  Using a rich dark Belgian Chocolate the mint cake is fully enrobed to create a real taste experience.  This also is popular amongst endurance athletes.  Often eaten as an after dinner mint.

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Assorted Gift Boxes and Mint Cake TinsAssorted Gift Boxes

A selection of beautifully presented gift boxes containing the full range of Mint Cakes. These are the ultimate gift for those that are fans of this world famous product.  The range includes items packaged with beautiful Lake District designs or alternatively in Quiggin’s own branded designs.  The exceptionally high-quality Mint Cake Tins deserve a special mention.

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Quiggin's Kendal Mint Cake