Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake

Quiggin’s Chocolate Mint Cake

Kendal Mint Cake is one of the most popular products made by Quiggin’s; in fact, it is the product upon which the company established its worldwide reputation. Now it could be argued that you cannot improve on perfection, but rather than trying to create a competing product, the company came up with a complimentary product that potentially increased the appeal of Kendal Mint Cake to an even larger audience.

Delicious Dark Chocolate

Nearly everyone loves the taste and texture of chocolate, so the solution that the flavour experts at Quiggin’s came up with was to smother their legendary Kendal Mint cake in the finest luxuriant rich dark chocolate. Mint Cake delivers so many benefits to the consumer, including a refreshing energy boost that can awaken all of the other senses. When combined with dark chocolate, you have a timeless combination that delivers a zest and tang that cannot be matched.

Quiggin’s Plain Chocolate Covered Mint Cake Available In A Range Of Sizes To Suit Every Situation

At Quiggin’s, we always focus on meeting the demands of our customer’s which is why we offer our plain milk chocolate in a range of sizes to meet every scenario. For those who want to carry a small bar in a lunchbox or rucksack for a quick boost or snack, we recommend our 35g bar. This is also the perfect size for anyone wishing to dip their taste buds in the water to see if they like the taste (We are confident that you will!).

For the chocolate mint cake enthusiast who wants a little more than the 35g bar, then the 50g bar might be an excellent option, delivering that little bit of extra pleasure to the consumer.

For those who are chocolate-covered Kendal Mint Cake Aficionados, there are two options: the 106g bar or the 213g option. If you do not live in or near the Lake District or have a shop that sells our products, then all of these products can be bought online in our store. All chocolate bars come individually or in a pack of 12, 24 or 36, depending on which size of chocolate bar you purchase.

Our plain chocolate-covered Kendal Mint Cake is just one of the many different products that we offer. We can also tempt you with chocolate-covered peppermint creams, chocolate-covered marzipan bars, traditional crumble fudge bags, rum and brandy butters and even gift hampers. Whether buying these delicious treats for yourself or as a present for a loved one the Quiggin’s shop offers something for everyone, even those people who seem to have everything. Just be warned that once you have tried these classic treats, you might never want to go back to the everyday treats you have snacked on for years!