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Why Chocolate is the Perfect Christmas Present

Chocolate is always a welcome gift any time of year, but at Christmas, it feels a little more special.

We are certainly a nation of chocolate lovers. Collectively, we consume around 660,900 tonnes of the stuff each year. To put that in context, the Empire State Building only weighs 331,000 tonnes. Imagine working your way through two skyscrapers.

Luckily, you don’t have to. Because of its versatility, you’ll find a various array of chocolates.

When it first appeared in London during the 17th century, it was a drink rather than food. Chocolate houses began appearing in London where the upper classes would visit to enjoy a cup of chocolate.

It has only been during the last 200 years that this famous confectionary has been turned into bars and sweets to be enjoyed any time of day.

The Perfect Chocolate Gifts

We know you love chocolates. You order it from us every day. However, its positive reputation is much more noticeable during the run-up to Christmas. From stocking fillers to secret Santa gifts, Quiggin’s confectionery is most definitely the popular choice for gift ideas.

For an exquisite and decadent gift, try our brandy and rum truffles. Chocolate truffles are a chocolatey ganache coated with more chocolate for a rich and delicious taste. Traditionally, the ganache is rolled into balls, but expert confectioners like us enjoy being more creative.

Our Rum Truffle Christmas Puddings and Brandy Truffle Yule Logs look like Christmas and taste like Christmas. Plus, they are the perfect creamy and rich delight to give any chocolate lover this Christmas.

You are not going to want to share the truffles with the kids, so make sure you don’t forget them when choosing your chocolate gifts this year.

Children adore our range of milk and white chocolate animals. From mice to dolphins, teddies to frogs, you will find a cute stocking filler for the kids to enjoy.

We also know that a very important person will be visiting very soon. Every child would love to find a milk or white chocolate Santa in their stocking this year. A present from the big man himself.

We also love being nostalgic at Quiggin’s. For anyone hosting people this Christmas, remind your guests of their Christmases gone by with our plain chocolate-covered marzipan or our milk chocolate-covered nougat and coconut ice. Traditional sweets like this can take us right back to our childhood and remind us of happy memories.

Chocolate Covered Classic

We love chocolates so much that we were the first sweet-makers to enrobe our Kendal Mint Cake with chocolate. Sometimes it is those little extras that really count.

As well as our individual chocolate-covered bars, we stock hexagonal gift boxes and chocolate-covered disc boxes. Both are filled with chocolate-enrobed Kendal Mint Cake and is a lovely gift to give a mint cake fan.

With Christmas just around the corner, you want to start thinking about those extra special gifts to send. Our online shop is easy to navigate, and we know you will find the perfect chocolate gift for those special people in your life