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Christmas Gift Ideas From Quiggin’s

Where do you go for your secret Santa gifts or those stocking fillers you need? Our online shop is full of small ideal treats perfect to fit in a stocking or give to a colleague or teacher as a small gift.
If you haven’t already looked at what we have to offer, we have compiled a list of bestsellers for you to look at.
Get Christmas sorted and wrapped up early with Quiggin’s.

Rum Truffle Christmas Puddings

Chocolate, fondant, rum…mmm
These delicious little chocolate balls have big flavours, and they also look cute too. They’re perfect for table decorations, staff parties and stocking fillers.

Rum and Brandy Butter

We wrote about rum butter last year. It’s a Cumbrian delicacy. That’s why we package ours in gift jars so you can give it as a Christmas gift. While you’re there, you can stock up on some ready for Christmas day. It’s delicious on a mince pie or three!

Kendal Mint Cake Gift Boxes

These are popular all year round, but people seem to love giving Kendal mint cake at Christmas. We offer a variety of beautifully packaged gift boxes that any mint cake lover would love to be given.

For the mint cake connoisseur, go for the twin pack with a mixture of white and brown mint cake. Or, if they’re a particular fan of the original energy bar, why not go for the triple pack with the added bonus of chocolate-covered mint cake?
The hexagonal gift box has beautiful images of the Lake District, and we think the chocolate covered disc box would be best served after Christmas dinner. So make sure you buy yourself some too!

Pick and Mix Jars

Take somebody down memory lane with one of our traditional pick and mix jars. Full of delicious sweets you used to get at the sweet shop, each chewy delight will bring back precious memories. You can even get the jar personalised for an added extra.
Remember, our pick and mix jars are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Chocolate Santas and Snowmen

These are definitely stocking fillers. They come in both white and milk chocolate and will undoubtedly make the kids smile on Christmas morning. The question is, will you let them eat it before their dinner? Go on. It’s Christmas, after all.

Reindeer Eyeballs

Okay, so not as cute as the snowmen or Santas, but definitely a good secret Santa present. Or perhaps you have your on Ebeneezer Scrooge in the office. Some chocolate Reindeer Eyeballs may be just what they need to find the Christmas spirit.

Mint Cake Tin

We’ve saved our most iconic gift for last. The highly sought after mint cake tin is famous worldwide. With space to hold one perfect mint cake bar, the tin protects it while you go for your hike. So, if your mint cake accidentally slips to the bottom of your backpack while you’re climbing, you know it isn’t going to get squashed.
If you know an avid walker, cycler, mountain climber or general outdoor adventurer, they will definitely appreciate this tin. We’ll even pop a Quiggin’s mint cake bar in the tin too.

Get sorted for Christmas

Christmas always takes a lot of planning, and it can become stressful. We want to make it as easy for you as possible. With our online shop, you have all these gift ideas ready to buy with the click of your mouse. And remember, a lot of our confectionery is vegan and vegetarian friendly, so you’ll be able to find a gift for everyone.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we’ll see you in the New year.