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Chocolate Animals
Chocolate Animals
Chocolate Animals
Chocolate Animals

With spring just around the corner, we’re busily preparing our chocolate goodies ready for Easter. Chocolate can be enjoyed all year round, but somehow it tastes just that bit more delicious at this time of the year.

Chocolate hasn’t always been eaten at Easter, though. Traditionally, people ate eggs to mark the end of Lent. During the week running up to Easter, known as Holy Week, eggs were not allowed to be eaten. Any eggs laid were saved and decorated. They were then given to children as gifts.

The first chocolate egg was made in 1873, and it changed how we enjoy Easter weekend. Eating chocolate probably became popular because people enjoy indulging in an extra special treat after giving up something for the previous 40 days.

Chocolate is also a great gift to give because it is loved by so many. Old or young, chocolate treats are always welcome.

Quiggin’s Chocolate Animals

That’s why at Quiggin’s, we make delicious chocolate animals which are the perfect presents to give this Easter.

The obvious choice would be our chocolate rabbits, available in both milk and white chocolate. A chocolate bunny from the Easter bunny himself!

But, you can add some variety and fun with our wide range of chocolate animals. We have mice, hedgehogs, squirrels, frogs, cats, teddies, dolphins and fish to choose from.

It’s not just the fun shapes that make our chocolate animals irresistible. What makes our chocolate animals extra special is the Belgian chocolate we use.

Why Belgian Chocolate?

Belgian chocolate is quite simply the best chocolate available. Many people believe it is the finest in the world because it has a higher cocoa content than most other chocolates.

Some companies substitute cacao butter with vegetable oil, and that decreases the chocolate quality. And, chocolate quality is something we are not prepared to compromise on.

Belgium’s link with chocolate links back to the 17th century when Spanish explorers brought cocoa beans back from South America. Originally an expensive indulgence, chocolate was something only the very rich could enjoy. Luckily for us, it became a treat we can all enjoy.

Jean Neuhaus really put Belgian chocolate on the map. He had been selling plaques of dark chocolate in his pharmacy, and he also covered medicines in chocolate to make them easier to take. He spent so much time finding inventive new chocolate designs that his pharmacy became a fully-fledged sweet shop instead.

It was his grandson who invented the first praline in 1912. They were an immediate hit, and to help with transportation, they also developed the chocolate gift box known as the ballotin.

What we learned from Neuhaus is that chocolate is fun and can be experimented with. That is why we were the first to enrobe Kendal Mint Cake with delicious Belgian chocolate.

Chocolate is great. And our chocolate animals are so much fun. They can be hidden around the garden, ready for children to hunt on Easter Sunday, and they will undoubtedly add a little more goodness to Good Friday!

Plus, we deliver so you can still send gifts to people even though you may not be able to visit them over the long weekend. Check out our online shop to choose your delicious Easter treats.