Christmas Hampers
Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers

We love a traditional Christmas at Quiggin’s. Decorating trees, roasting turkeys and hanging stockings ready for Father Christmas are all things we are looking forward to doing very soon.

But have you ever wondered why we hang up stockings on Christmas Eve? We did a bit of research to discover the origin of this long-standing tradition.

The Real St Nicholas

No one can be precisely sure when people began hanging stockings, but the most popular theory is linked to St Nicholas. St Nicholas was a bishop who lived during the 3rd and 4th Centuries in modern-day Turkey. His mission in life was to help people.

He heard of a family who were struggling. A widowed father was raising three daughters and didn’t have enough money for their dowries. Without dowries, there was no hope of them finding husbands and getting married, and the family were struggling to survive. Things were desperate, and the father didn’t know what to do.

St Nicholas knew the family would be too proud to accept any help, but he wanted to do something. So he anonymously left them gold one night.

In some versions of the story we read, he dropped the gold down the chimney, and it landed in stockings that were hanging up to dry by the fire. Other versions of the tale say that St Nicholas actually squeezed down the chimney himself. But, in all the stories, the gold provided the girls with dowries, they were able to get married, and it was a happy ending for all.

Stocking Fillers

Quiggin’s Christmas Stocking Fillers

These days we don’t leave gold, but stocking fillers are still a wonderful part of Christmas and people around the world hang their stockings on Christmas Eve ready for Father Christmas. We have plenty of Christmas stocking fillers to make everyone squeal with delight on Christmas morning.

Chocolate Treats

Chocolate is a definite winner at Christmas. Children will love our Milk Chocolate Santas and our Milk and White chocolate Snowmen. For grown-ups, treat them to a Rum Truffle Christmas Pudding or a Brandy Truffle Yule Log. A perfect treat to sneak in before Christmas dinner.

Vegan Sweets

Pick and Mix

One of our most popular stocking fillers is our pick and mix jar. No one can resist the mix of fizzy and jelly sweets. Not only do these jars contain a colourful mix of classic pick and mix sweets, but they are also ideal stocking fillers for vegans. Inside you will find mermaids, fizzy melon slices and fizzy cherry cola bottles to name a few.

Finally, for those who have been extra-good this year, you could always pop a Kendal Mint Cake in their stocking. They might not be climbing a mountain on December 25th, but they will want to keep their energy levels boosted for a day of festive fun, and our mint cake will do the job. Plus, it’s delicious to eat!

You may notice that we love Christmas. It’s a special time of year, and your loved ones deserve special treats. Visit our online shop to peruse our Christmas range, so you know that everyone will be smiling on Christmas morning.

And if you can’t be with someone this year, let us deliver their present to them. Everyone will love a gift from Quiggin’s.