Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake

When you think of the Lakes, spectacular mountains and sprawling green countryside instantly come to mind.
The descriptions of Cumbria conjure up images of extreme walks, long hikes and lots of energy-filled Kendal mint cake.

However, you don’t have to be an outdoor adventurer to explore the beautiful landscape. Kendal is the gateway to the Lakes and offers more sedate, gentle walks that everyone can enjoy no matter their age or fitness level.

Take a look at some of our favourite leisurely walks in and around our favourite part of the world.

Killington Reservoir

Situated 8 miles from Kendal, Killington Reservoir offers a lovely, flat 3.3-mile walk around a beautiful lake. Popular with water sports enthusiasts, you’ll get to watch sailing, windsurfing and canoeing as you walk around. But, these distractions don’t take away from the main event. The fantastic view of the Cumbrian Hills is the perfect backdrop for a walk.

Sizergh Castle

A stunning National Trust property, Sizergh Castle is situated on a 16,000-acre estate that offers various walks. Explore wetland or woodland, orchards or gardens. A great place to nature-spot, butterflies, deer and rare hawfinches can all be found on these stunning grounds.

Serpentine Woods

On the outskirts of Kendal, at the top of Beast Banks, is an amazing woodland, perfect for a leisurely morning (or afternoon) stroll. You’ll see outcrops of limestone pavements, paths lined with wildflowers, and stunning views overlooking Kendal. Although it’s not pushchair friendly, it is the perfect place to take children due to its alphabet sculpture trail.

Foulshaw Moss Nature Reserve

As a lowland raised mire, Foulshaw Moss Nature reserve is one of Europe’s rarest and most threatened habitats. Peat bogs are home to rare animals, birds and insects and this nature reserve is dedicated to restoring the bog and allowing the natural vegetation and wildlife to return. It’s been so successful that osprey now nest there, and you will also discover rare dragonflies and the nationally scarce argent and sable moth. The walks are all on boardwalks making it easy to get around. This is a definite place to visit for wildlife lovers.

The Helm

At 185 metres, the Helm isn’t a particularly high hill. However, get to the top, and you will enjoy some amazing views. You will get to see a rare breed of fell pony native to Cumbria on this walk. There are also traditional drystone walls, and in the spring, the bluebells look wonderful.

Riverside Walk

The River Kent flows through Kendal on its way to Morecambe Bay. Taking a walk down the river through Kendal is the perfect way to see the best of the town. Start at Abbot Hall Park, keep the river on your right and wander down to Miller Bridge. Continue through New Road Common and cross the footbridge that takes you into Gooseholme Park. The river should now be to the left of you. Continue until you reach Stramongate Bridge, which dates from 1794 and rejoin the river path. From here, you can keep meandering along the river. Go past Victoria Bridge, built to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee in 1887. The trail soon takes you out of busy Kendal and into mixed woodland, and you can just turn around and return the way you came whenever you wish. It really is a lovely walk and allows you to enjoy Kendal itself.

We can’t wait to see you

Kendal has been pretty quiet without all the visitors. We are looking forward to the day people can return and enjoy the place we are fortunate to call home. For us, we love to see people filling up their backpacks with Kendal Mint Cake, preparing to go on a walk, whether it be a gentle stroll or a more strenuous hike.

Kendal has something to offer for everyone, and so does Quiggin’s. Not only do we have a full range of delicious mint cake to choose from, but we also have fudge, toffee, chocolate and other delightful confectionery for you to try.

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