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Halloween Sweets and Treats

We’re getting ready for a spooktacular Halloween here at Quiggin’s. Our novelty boxes of chocolates are flying off the virtual shelves as we type.

So with ghosts and ghouls on our mind, we thought we’d tell you a few ghost stories. Cumbria and the Lake District has its fair share of spectral stories, which is no surprise as it’s an area steeped in history.

Here are 5 of the most haunted places in the Lake District.

Sizergh Castle

Staying local to Kendal, Sizergh Castle has been owned by the Strickland family for over 750 years. Originally Henry II granted Gervase Deincourt the land in 1170, and it is said that his wife haunts the castle.

Deincourt was a jealous man, and when he went away to battle the Scots, he locked his wife away. She still roams the castle today, looking for her escape.

Muncaster Castle

Muncaster was built in the 13th century, and it is said to be one of Britain’s most haunted castles. Lots of the paranormal activity is blamed on Tom Fool, otherwise known as Tom Skelton. It’s believed that Skelton was the last jester employed at the castle, and he likes to play tricks on staff and visitors.

There’s also a white lady who is said to roam the gardens and roads nearby the castle.

You can find out more about the hauntings at Muncaster here.

Carlisle Castle

More than 900 years old, it’s no surprise that Carlisle Castle is haunted. It was used as a military barracks and a prison. Its most famous prisoner being Mary Queen of Scots, although it’s not her spirit that haunts the castle. Another Scottish lady is said to roam the building after being trapped there many years ago.

Levens Hall

This Medieval Hall was subject to a curse. One night an old lady arrived at the hall looking for shelter, but she was turned away. Sadly she died, but before she did, she put a curse on the hall. She said no male heir would inherit the hall until the River Kent froze over and a white deer was born in the hall’s deer park.

Surprisingly, no male heirs were born until the late 19th century when the river did actually freeze, and a light coloured deer was born.

Coincidence or curse?

Calgarth Hall

This 16th-century hall was once owned by Kraster and Dorothy Crook.. However, their neighbour and Justice of the Peace Myles Philipson wanted to buy the hall from them. Despite his efforts, the couple refused.

To get the hall, Philipson accused the couple of theft and sentenced them to death. Dorothy, before she died, cursed the hall proclaiming screaming skulls would haunt the building until the family left. And two skulls did appear. No matter how often they were removed from the hall, they kept mysteriously returning.

When Philipson died, he left Levens hall to his son, who promptly sold it, and the skulls were never seen again.

Halloween Fun

Now whether you believe these spooky tales or not, Halloween is always a fun time of year. There’s dressing up, games and stories and of course sweets and chocolates.

Some of our most popular Halloween confectionery include;

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We also have milk chocolate frogs, mice and cats for a spooky chocolate treat.

And, if you’re planning on sitting down with the family and enjoying a scary movie, why not get yourself one of our pick and mix jars to share.

Visit our online shop to stock up on Halloween goodies, and we hope you have a terrifying time.