Camping in the Lake District
Camping in the Lake District
Camping in the Lake District
Kendal Mint Cake
Chocolate Covered Mint Cake Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Kendal Mint Cake

Is there anything better than getting on your bike and heading out to explore the countryside? It appears people in the UK don’t think so. It’s estimated that 3.3 million bikes were sold in 2020. That’s a 22% rise on 2019 sales.

We can understand why.

Working from home meant the car could stay in the drive. Suddenly roads were quieter, people could get outside for fresh air, and wanted to keep fit.

Cycling in and around Kendal has always been popular. There are plenty of routes to explore, from easy paths to follow with the kids to longer steeper routes for the more experienced cyclist.

There are plenty of benefits to getting outside on your bike.

It makes you happy

Exercise boosts your mood. Exploring new areas and views makes you feel happier and calmer. Cycling combines the two and helps improve mental well-being.

It makes you healthier

Cycling improves cardiovascular fitness, increases muscle strength and can strengthen bones. You can go for a high-intensity cycle ride or keep it low key. That’s why it’s a sport for all levels of fitness. Plus, it’s a low impact sport meaning it causes fewer injuries than other forms of exercise.

It improves your social life

It’s such a social sport. You can set off riding with others, and if you choose a low-intensity bike ride, you can chat as you cycle. You can also stop at a café on the way and have a day of socialising and catching up as well as getting fit.

Make sure you eat the right foods

You want to fuel your body before going on a bike ride, especially when you start cycling further distances.

You should eat a balanced mix of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Carbohydrates give your body energy. The day before going on a long bike ride, try slow-releasing carbs like sweet potato or rice.

Protein is good for muscle repair. Lean meats like chicken alongside beans and pulses offer energy and help your body recover after a gruelling ride.

Remember not to avoid fat. Look at eating good fats found in nuts, fish and oils. Not only will they help you fuel up, but they also provide warmth for the body.

Get that quick energy burst

Sometimes, when on a bike ride, you’ll find yourself flagging. This is an indicator that you need a quick burst of energy.

This is why it’s important that you carry a bar of Kendal Mint Cake with you.

The Original Energy Bar

As well as tasting incredible, Kendal Mint Cake can give you energy quickly. Your body can rapidly digest glucose, meaning our mint cake will give you that boost you need to keep pedalling. It’s also perfect for those cyclists who are riding at higher altitudes. When we are at those higher levels, our bodies crave sugar and Kendal Mint Cake can satisfy that craving.

So when you’re getting ready for a bike ride, as you’re collecting your helmet, bike pump, and tyre levers, don’t forget your Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake. It might be the thing that helps make you King of the Mountain!

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