January isn’t the easiest month to navigate so here at Quiggin’s we have decided to spread a little happiness and share our top tips to lift your mood.

Different factors can affect our mood. The weather, the news and a need for a break can make us feel low and add to our stress. But thankfully, there are things we can do to help manage our moods and lift our spirits.

1. Go for a walk

We have previously shared some of our favourite Kendal walks, and that’s because we understand how good walking is for everyone. Walking gets you outside and exercising, which can help with sleep quality and reduce stress. As well as getting fitter and having control of your weight, walking can help lift your mood as you gain more confidence in yourself and your physical fitness. Getting out in nature, even the local park is enough to boost endorphin levels and dopamine production improving our mood and overall happiness.

2. Sharing a virtual brew

It’s one of the UK’s favourite past times, and there is a reason why having a cup of tea with someone is popular: it makes you feel good. We know at the minute people can’t meet up like they usually would. So instead, we suggest having a virtual cup of tea. We love the Samaritans initiative to have ‘Brew Monday’ on 18th January rather than the more traditional blue Monday we normally see on the third Monday in January.

Having a virtual cup of tea with someone will allow you to reconnect with someone important, which is a real mood booster. For more information about Brew Day, click here.

Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake3. Eat dark chocolate

We know you will accuse us of bias, but it is scientifically proven that chocolate is good for you. – dark chocolate to be more precise. Dark chocolate contains serotonin which elevates your mood, therefore making you feel instantly calmer.

Many of Quiggin’s confectionery is made with rich dark chocolate. Our Kendal Mint Cake is enrobed with dark Belgian chocolate as are our peppermint cream and marzipan bars. Because it is dark chocolate, it contains a higher percentage of cocoa when compared to milk chocolate. It tastes amazing but also stimulates endorphins making our bodies and minds feel happier.

4. Have screen-free time

Each day make a conscious effort to stop scrolling on your phone or watching the news. If you are working from home, don’t spend all day in front of a laptop. Give yourself a break. We understand the benefits of technology, especially during these times. It is keeping us connected to the outside world. But, too much news or social media can actually make us feel low. Every day, instead of reaching for the smartphone, grab a book or magazine instead and spend some time away from a screen.

5. Do something nice for someone

When we do something nice for someone else, we feel good. A kind act releases endorphins which are known as the happy hormones. While we are all staying at home, why not make the most of the internet and buy a friend a gift?

Quiggin’s has an extensive online shop full of sweets and confectionery that can be delivered directly to someone. Imagine how you would feel if a Quiggin’s hamper or a box of Kendal mint cake was left on your doorstep. It would be such a lovely surprise. Remember, even though we aren’t physically seeing people, we can still show them that we care.

Stay Positive

It’s times like these that we remember what is important to us. Here at Quiggin’s, we appreciate the countryside that surrounds us and the community that supports us. We hope some of our tips help you feel positive and remember to always reach out to a friend or family member if necessary.

To find some dark chocolate treats to accompany your virtual brews, visit our online shop to see the whole range.

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