Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake Recipe
Kendal Mint Cake
Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake
Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake

Kendal Mint Cake Recipe

With 150 years of experience, we have developed the perfect Kendal mint cake recipe. Each batch of mint cake is still made the original way in our factory based in the heart of Kendal.

We have lots of people asking us for the Kendal mint cake recipe, and we are happy to share some of our secrets. Not all of them, though. Quiggin’s is a family business that has managed to keep the complete mint cake recipe secret for generations, so we’re not going to spill the beans now. Sorry!

What’s Kendal Mint Cake Made From?

The ingredients are no different from the original Kendal mint cake recipe. Sugar, glucose, water and our special blended peppermint oil are all used.

Sugar and glucose are sources of energy, and many daring expeditions have included mint cake. It’s believed to be the first energy bar to be invented.

Peppermint oil gives the cake its strong minty flavour, but that’s not why it was used initially. Peppermint oil is believed to have medicinal benefits. It can settle stomach discomfort and help with headaches and nausea. We know people still eat mint cake today because of its healing properties.

Our unique mixture of peppermint oil brings out the mint flavour, particularly important when climbing high altitudes. Our taste buds can dull when climbing, so the strong mint flavour makes it a perfect treat.

How Do We Make Kendal Mint Cake?

You can watch how we make our Kendal mint cake here. But, let’s walk you through our traditional method. Many of the steps we use today were used by the original Kendal mint cake makers back in the 1800s.

The mixture of sugar, glucose syrup, and water are placed in a large copper bowl. The pan is then heated while the mixture is continuously stirred. If the mixture isn’t constantly stirred, it becomes clear, rather than the opaque cloudy appearance mint cake is known for.

Using Victorian Factory Methods

Copper pans have always been used when making mint cake. Copper is much better at conducting heat when compared to iron or stainless steel. The copper spreads the heat more efficiently, meaning the sugar is unlikely to burn. The copper pans also heat and cool almost instantly, so this method means our producers are always in control.

Once the mixture is ready, the heat is turned off, and a thermometer is placed in the mix. Our mint cake makers can monitor the temperature drop and know when it is ready to be transferred to the moulds.

Before this happens, the peppermint essence is added. That’s when you can really smell the mint cake in the kitchen.

The mixture is poured carefully into moulds and is left to solidify. This is all done by hand as it always has been. The moulds are placed upon iron cooling tables which helps the mixture cool quickly.

It usually takes about 20 minutes for the batch to cool, and then it is ready to be taken out of the mould and broken into bars. This step has to be done very carefully as the bars are still quite soft.

When they are cool enough, they are then wrapped in our iconic Quiggin’s wrapping. Our Kendal Mint cake wrapper shows the place we love to call home – Kendal. The Cumbrian landscape is breathtaking. You can also buy a Kendal mint cake tin to ensure your mint cake doesn’t get squashed when you tackle your next summit.

Varieties of Mint Cake

We sell different variations of Kendal mint cake. Brown sugar mint cake makes the product brown rather than the familiar white of the original flavour.

We were also the first company to enrobe mint cake with chocolate. We use the finest Belgian dark chocolate that compliments the strong mint flavour.

But there’s more.

We don’t just do bars of Kendal mint cake. You can also buy it in fingers and discs with one of our lovely Kendal mint cake gift boxes. Take a look here to find some delicious treats and gifts.

Why Name it Mint Cake?

We’re not sure how the name came about. It has always been Kendal Mint Cake despite there being no eggs, butter or flour. Originally produced in Kendal, the confectionery has become synonymous with the Lakes gateway, and many fell walkers, hikers, and mountaineers pack it in their bags before an expedition.

The added glucose syrup is also the perfect source of energy during an outdoor expedition. Your body can digest glucose very quickly and turn it into energy. Kendal mint cake has even been taken to the top of Mount Everest, so we know it is the food of choice for outdoor explorers.

Can I Make My Own?

If you have the right ingredients, we guess you could try to follow a recipe and make your own. But why would you when you can head to our online shop on our website and order the real deal?

The actual recipe for mint cakes remains a well-kept secret, and without those clear instructions, it may not work out. There’s a reason why Quiggin’s Kendal mint cake is bought and enjoyed worldwide.

It’s the traditional ingredients combined with a trusted recipe that makes our products so irresistible.

Try For Yourself

Our online shop is full of amazing confectionery to choose from, including our full range of mint cake. Once you start browsing, you will find yourself adding more and more to your basket. Remember, our mint cake is vegan-friendly, and all dietary and nutrition information is available on the website.