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We make no secret of the fact Kendal Mint Cake was the original energy bar. It’s been taken on adventures and expeditions for over a hundred years.

But did you know there is a supercharged version of the mint cake developed to support athletes in the 21st century?

In May 2019, after months of collaboration with ourselves, Kendal Mint Co. launched their KMC NRG bar. This pumped-up version of the mint cakes comes with all the traditional bar’s goodness and taste, but with an added boost.

Using our confectionery knowledge and their sports science expertise, Kendal Mint Co. developed a mint cake designed for sports nutrition, which is produced in our Kendal factory and is retailed on the KMC website.

How Does It Work?

As well as the sugar, glucose, water and peppermint oil we use in our Kendal Mint Cakes, the NRG bars have added vitamin B and specific electrolytes that help our body to function more efficiently.

We know glucose provides energy, and each bar is packed full of it.

The original KMC NRG bar contains 83g of carbohydrate and 342Kcal. That’s a lot of fuel for our bodies

But what about the added extras?

Vitamin B

The specifically formulated B vitamin blend helps break down carbohydrates and provides energy to our body quickly. It also helps with blood cell functions and reduces the ‘crash’ we can experience after eating sugary food.


These are electrically charged minerals that help with fluid balance. When we exercise, we sweat and can lose some electrolytes like sodium and potassium. To maintain fluid balance and hydration, we need to replace the electrolytes lost.

Traditional Remedies

As well as new ingredients, the KMC NRG bar still relies on ingredients that have been used for centuries to aid healthy digestion. Mint is a calming and soothing herb and is also an anti-inflammatory. It encourages bile flow into the small intestine and is also a natural muscle relaxant. Both of these things help digestion and promotes faster energy release.

Proven Methods for a Modern Lifestyle

The KMC NRG bar is made in the same way we produce our own Kendal Mint Cakes. The Informed Sport blend of B Vitamins and Electrolytes are added at the same time as our secret blend of different Peppermint Oils. You can head over to the Kendal Mint Co. website for a step-by-step guide to NRG bar production.

21st Century Living

Despite the restrictions that are in place during the pandemic, more and more people are exercising. People understand how important it is to move and get outside not only for our physical health but also for our mental health.

You don’t need to head over to the Lakes to get active. Urban streets and parks are used for running, cycling, and skating. Outdoor swimming is becoming more and more popular, and the couch to 5K app has got people outside and exercising more than ever before.

That’s why providing the correct fuel for our bodies is vital. Whether you are an elite athlete or exercising for fun, your body still needs energy. Not only are the KMC NRG bars as delicious as the original mint cakes, but they also add an extra va-va-voom to your exercise regime.

Supporting Local

We love supporting other local businesses, and our work with the Kendal Mint Co. is a fantastic local collaboration.

KMC are passionate about sport and exercise, and we have enjoyed watching the company grow over the last couple of years.