Kendal Mint Cake Tins

Kendal Mint Cake – Assorted Gift Boxes

What do you buy a Kendal Mint Cake lover? A Kendal Mint Cake gift box, of course!

Our range of gift boxes offer a variety of delicious mint cake packaged in beautifully designed boxes. They are the perfect present for the outdoor adventurer and sweet tooth devotees.

Take a look at what we have to offer

Twin Pack Mint Cake

The Twin Pack

Our twin pack box offers spectacular views of the Lake District. Inside you will find both white and brown mink cake. No chocolate here. These are for the dedicated mint cake connoisseurs.

The Chocolate Box

Our hexagonal gift boxes are for the chocolate lovers. Instead of the famous bar, these gift boxes contain chocolate-covered pieces of mint cake. Perfect for nibbling on in front of the TV and large enough to share (if you want to).

Chocolate Covered Disc Box

The After-Dinner Collection

Instead of choosing a traditional after-dinner mint, our chocolate mint cake discs are the perfect gift to take to a dinner party. The rich dark chocolate mixed with the sweet fondant provides a refreshing end to any meal. Plus the boxes themselves offers scenic views of the Lake District. Your dinner party hosts will love this gift, as will their guests.

The Triple Pack

 The triple pack gift box has all areas covered. Not only does it offer the original white and brown mint cake, but we have also added a dark chocolate-covered bar. This is the perfect gift for someone who can’t decide which is their favourite variety of mint cake. This gift box provides them with a bit of everything.

Chocolate Hexagonal
Kendal Mint Cake Box

The Variety Pack

For those who are happy to share, the mint cake fingers variety pack is the ideal gift. Perfect for a family of mint cake lovers, these boxes are filled with tempting white, brown and chocolate-covered cake fingers which will keep everyone happy.

The Classic Quiggin’s Mint Cake Tin

Finally, we have to mention our classic Quiggin’s mint cake tin. Exceptionally high in quality, these tins are the perfect place to pop a mint cake in before you head out on an adventure. The tin comes already filled with an original bar of Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake. But, why not buy a multipack of bars so your recipient can enjoy using the tin over and over again.

Everybody Loves the Lakes

We are incredibly proud of Kendal and the beauty of the Lake District. It is part of our heritage at Quiggin’s, and we know that many people feel the same as we do. That is why our gift boxes come beautifully designed with landscapes from this spectacular part of the world and are uniquely branded with Quiggin’s own designs. Because when you hear the name Quiggin’s, you immediately think of Kendal Mint Cake.

All our gift boxes are available individually or as part of a multipack of twelve.