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Novelty Boxes
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Novelty Boxes

Nostalgia is something that everyone loves; after all, wasn’t the world more colourful, tasty and fun when we were children? And the sweets we had as kids tasted oh so much better than the modern variety. Who could forget the weekly trip to the sweet shop, as depicted in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory?

The good news is that you can still obtain traditional sweets from your childhood, you just have to know where to look, and the answer you have been searching for is Quiggins. Our Novelty Boxes will bring back those happy childhood memories, get your taste buds flowing, and allow you to introduce your children to how sweets are supposed to taste.

It’s not just the taste of those sweets; it’s the packaging, the memories, and the traditional fun designs of sweets that just seemed so much more interesting when we were little. Let’s take a look at the selection of sweets we have on offer; the most significant challenge might be deciding which sweets to pick – a bit like a Saturday morning fifty years ago.

Frogs From The Bog

Little boys have always had an obsession with getting dirty and investigating animals, insects and creepy crawlies! And there is no more exciting animal than a slimy frog that lives in a bog. That is precisely what has been created here, made from the most delicious milk chocolate that simply melts in your mouth. The harsh reality for your children is that these treats may never make it past the parents. Click Here To Buy

Reindeer Eyeballs

Possibly the perfect Christmas treat, or then again, possibly not! Another favourite of yesteryear, our Chocolate Reindeer eyes are bound to raise a smile with your kids. Delicious chocolate balls wrapped in specially designed eyeball foil will intrigue your children for at least five seconds before they rip the wrappers off and guzzle them down. Click Here To Buy

Hot Cross Bunnies

Continuing with the animal theme and moving from Christmas to Easter, our Hot Cross Bunnies are another family favourite. Although these bunnies are cute, they are also hard to resist because they taste so good. The little bunnies melt in your mouth, so make sure your order a few boxes to avoid disappointment. Click Here To Buy

Wee Blind Mice

For those who prefer white chocolate to milk or dark, there is really only one option – Wee Blind Mice. These solid white mice come straight out of the nursery rhymes we learned on our mother’s knee and taste delicious. Whether you take your first bite at the head or the tail end, your children will be just as excited about these chocolates with character as you were many years ago. Click Here To Buy

Whichever of our delicious Novelty Boxes you choose, they are guaranteed to be a hit with every family member. Whether it’s the chocolate lover that enjoys quality chocolate, the young children keen to discover traditional sweets or an adult that wants to reminisce about the olden days, these boxes are the perfect treat. Visit our store today and step back in time.