Halloween may be slightly different this year, but Quiggin’s can still bring the spookiness and fun to this devilish day.

A Haunting History

Quiggin’s were making sweets long before candy became synonymous with trick or treating. In fact, when trick or treating began in the 1930s, children were given things like homemade cookies, nuts and coins.

novelty confectionery - Wee Blind MiceWe can trace the origins of trick and treating much further back than the 1930s. During the Victorian era, people baked soul cakes for Halloween. These cakes are a cross between a scone and a biscuit so not a cake at all – just like our Kendal Mint Cake! People went door-to-door on All Hallows Eve (Halloween) and received a soul cake in exchange for a song or a prayer. People believe that this tradition has continued and transformed into the trick or treating we know today.

These days we all know that sweets are the popular treat to hand out at Halloween. This began in the 1970s, and it is the receiving of sweets that makes Halloween such a fun time. We certainly believe you are receiving a treat when you are handed something delicious and sweet, especially if it is made by Quiggin’s.

Known for our wide range of sweets and confectionery, you will find exactly what you need to enjoy Halloween this year. From our range of traditional sweets that include Dracula’s Teeth (perfect for a quick bite), Jelly Babies and Dolly Mixtures to our signature confectionery, the mint cake, there is a Halloween treat for everyone.

Why not treat your little goblins and ghosts to some of our delicious novelty confectionery? We have a variety of treats that would even make the boogeyman jump.

Halloween TreatsEerie Eyeballs

Dish out a bowl of eyeballs on 31st October. Our Chocolate Sheep and Donkey’s eyeballs will delight your little monsters. They are most definitely gruesome!

Halloween Horror

Maybe you have a horror movie buff in the family? Switch off the lights, put on a scary film and munch your way through a Jaws pack of Chocolate Fish. This time you get to be the bad guy.

Magical Moments

Rather than scare your children, you could capture the magic and mystery of Halloween. Our Frogs in a Bog could almost jump out at you, not dissimilar to a scene in Harry Potter.

Feasting Fun

Even the youngest of pumpkins don’t have to miss out. Our chocolate Hot Cross Bunnies and our Teddy Bear Picnic Gift Boxes will make them smile, and they taste pretty good too.

All our novelty chocolate is made from delicious milk chocolate and can be enjoyed whatever the occasion.

Something for Everyone

We all know that sweets aren’t just for Halloween and they can be savoured all year round. That’s why you can order our novelty chocolates all year round. Our extensive online shop is filled with traditional fudge, pick & mix, toffee and our world-famous Kendal Mint Cake.

Whatever your favourite sweet treat is, we are sure to have it. Head over to our shop to take a look and treat yourself and the ones you love this Halloween.