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Kendal Mint Cake

Getting outside and being active is so important. Many of our customers choose to visit the Lakes because they can combine enjoying the spectacular scenery while participating in various outdoor pursuits. And, of course, it’s Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake that provides so many people with the energy to stay active.

Let’s take a look at some of the people who regularly enjoy Kendal Mint Cake, the original energy bar.


Instinctively, humans have always loved a challenge and climbing to the top of the mightiest peaks is quite certainly a challenge lots of people enjoy. More demanding than hiking or hill walking, mountaineering requires a high level of fitness and a good degree of athleticism.

Specialised equipment is needed to tackle the difficult terrains and protect you from the sometimes brutal weather. Because of these physical demands, mountaineers need to carry food that will provide energy fast, and Kendal Mint Cake has been used on many mountaineering expeditions. It has even been enjoyed at the top of Everest with Chris Bonington in 1975.

Fell Runners

Fell is the term used to describe mountains and high moorland, and there are many fells to explore in Cumbria. Fell running requires strength and endurance. It involves manoeuvring through remote, open moorland navigating rocky and grassy terrain at running speeds. Because of this, decent shoes are definitely needed.

Fell runners also have excellent map and compass skills. They don’t follow trails, so they need to find the way by themselves, sometimes in difficult weather conditions that can cause bad visibility. Fell runners need to eat little and often while they keep moving. This helps keep their energy levels up.

Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes can specialise in many different sports. Endurance sports involve carrying out a physical activity over a long period of time. Think the London Marathon, the Tour De France or even cross-country skiing.

The ultimate endurance sport is the Spartathlan which is an ultramarathon. This is a 246km road race that takes place in Greece. Closer to home, the Lake District sees many endurance events like Triathlons each year – the Lakesman Triathlons being a popular event.

What’s astonishing about endurance athletes is their physical stats. During maximal exercise, an endurance athletes’ heart can beat 200 times every minute. Their cardiac output – the amount of blood the heart pumps in one minute – can be nearly twice as much in elite endurance runners than that of an average adult during maximal exercise.

Hill Walkers

According to a survey published in 2019, 2.8 million people regularly go hill walking, and it is still growing in popularity. It’s definitely not as demanding as mountaineering. However, many hill walkers move onto mountaineering as they become fitter and want more of a challenge.

Hill walking provides the perfect balance of exercise and relaxation. It gets people outside, away from the gym and enjoying the peace and tranquillity nature has to offer.

Even though it sounds idyllic, hill walkers still need to be prepared. They need to understand how to be safe whilst walking, be able to map read and follow a route, and also pack carefully in case the weather suddenly changes or they get lost. This means taking the right food, and Kendal Mint Cake is a definite choice for hill walkers knowing they’ll need some more energy as they begin their descent back down.

The Original Energy Bar

Kendal Mint Cake provides energy fast. The high glucose levels can be rapidly digested, providing athletes of all abilities the energy they need to keep moving. It is perfect for people exercising at higher altitudes as the body naturally craves sugar. Plus, taste buds are dullened when high up, so the strong mint taste is also satisfying.

It’s no wonder people still choose Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake when they are setting off on an outdoor adventure. To make sure you have some packed in your bag, head to our online shop.