Quiggin’s has a reputation worldwide for the quality and taste of their products, and two of their fastest-growing lines are their famous Rum and Brandy butter options. These two products have recently been repacked in beautiful glass bottles, making them the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Both the Rum and Brandy bottles come in 200g sizes and can be bought individually or as a pack of six. Just be warned that both of these items are delicious and could quickly become addictive!!

Rum Butter Gift JarsRum Butter

It is a little-known fact that rum butter originated in the county of Cumberland in the Lake District of Northern England, which just so happens to be where Quiggins headquarters is located. Although there are many different ways to use Rum Butter in Cumberland, it is traditionally served with oatcakes or buttermilk scones.

Households in the county of Cumberland would traditionally gift the rum butter with scones when friends and family arrived to see a newborn baby. Upon receipt of the food, the visitors would leave a silver coin. When the christening day came along and the butter bowl was completely empty, all of the silver coins would be placed in the bowl. The theory was that a sticky bowl with numerous coins sticking to it meant that the newly born baby would never want for anything.

Rum Butter is made with a combination of lightly spiced butter, which is then laced with dark rum. In terms of the young baby, the butter is meant to symbolize the richness of life, the sugar as you might expect, the sweetness of life, and the rum, the spirit of life. Rum butter is becoming increasingly popular during the Christmas period, as there is nothing as delicious as Mince Pies or Christmas Pudding smothered in this delicious product.

However, as Quiggin’s manufactures Rum butter throughout the year, the good news is that you do not have to wait for Christmas to savour the delicious unbeatable taste.

Brandy Butter Gift JarsBrandy Butter

If you prefer the taste of Brandy to Rum, then Brandy butter makes for an excellent alternative and once again is a popular addition to the Christmas period. Brandy butter is made using unsalted butter, sugar and brandy.

Although it is highly unlikely that either of these products will last long in any household, we recommend that once opened; they are stored in the fridge, where they should last between two and three weeks.

Quiggins is determined to make it as easy for our customers to enjoy our delicious products, which is why we offer delivery nationwide for only 4.99. The Brandy and Rum Butter products will arrive safely packaged and ready to enjoy, either for you or your friends and family.

If you have any questions or specific requirements, then feel free to contact customer services, who will be happy to deal with your enquiries.