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Some Interesting Facts about Cumbria

We love telling you about our products and our history. But, you know we’re also proud of being from Cumbria and love calling Kendal our home. So we thought we would share some fun facts about the region.

We only have one lake

Yes, that’s right. The Lake District only has one lake! Lake Bassenthwaite is the only lake in the Lake District. All other bodies of water are considered to be waters, tarns or meres. Think Lake Winder-’mere’.

We have the highest mountains

The five highest peaks in England are all in Cumbria. They are Scafell Pike (978m), Scafell (964m), Helvellyn (950m), Ill Crag (935m) and Broad Crag (934m). If you’re planning on climbing any of them, we recommend you pack some Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake in your bag to give you the superfast energy burst needed to get you to the top.

We have the most rain

Seathwaite, which is about 1 hour away from Kendal, is thought to be the wettest place in England. The hamlet receives over 3 metres of rain per year.

We have the perfect road

To find the perfect drive, there is actually a formula, which is a combination of bends, acceleration, speed and braking. And, according to quantum physicist Dr Mark Hadley, the A591 is the perfect road. It has the right amount of corners and straight sections to make it the ideal road to drive on. Plus, it’s the road from Keswick to Kendal, so the destination is pretty good too!

We have Kendal Mint Cake

So, this isn’t a new fact. But, did you know that a bar of Kendal Mint Cake dating back to 1964 was found in 2012? The bar had been bought as a souvenir before the introduction of sell-by dates and had been left in a loft. We don’t recommend you keep your mint cake for 48 years.

We have links to George Washington

George Washington’s grandmother is actually buried in St Nicholas’ Church in Whitehaven. After her first husband passed away, Mildred Gale married a Whitehaven local, and she moved to Cumbria with him.

We have inspired children’s stories

The creator of Postman Pat, John Cunliffe, lived in Kendal and based his books on the former post office at Greenside.

We have long-established businesses

Quiggin’s is the oldest existing manufacturer of Kendal Mint Cake. We have been producing mint cake and other confectionery in Kendal since 1840. We still use traditional methods to make our top-class mint cake which is enjoyed worldwide.

We have our own language

The first time you visit Cumbria, you may well be confused by what you hear. Our dialect has been formed by Celtic and Nordic influences. For an ‘offcomer’ (non-native), it may sound quite strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to it.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we have many different ways of saying it’s raining!

hossing – raining heavily
mizzlin – drizzly rain
hoyin it doown – teeming it down with rain
yukken it down – throwing it down with rain

We are proud to be Cumbrian

And that is definitely a fact. With stunning views, spectacular scenery and the friendliest people, Cumbria is a place we think everyone should visit at least once. Don’t let the weather put you off. We do see the sunshine too.

If you can’t make it to Cumbria in person, then let us send a bit of Kendal to you via our online shop. Choose from the white or brown mint cake, or opt for deliciously decadent chocolate-covered mint cake bars.

We have sweets, toffees and fudges too. All made in Kendal and delivered to your door.