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Kendal Mint Cake
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Kendal Mint Cake

The sun is out (sometimes), and we can travel again. It’s time to find those walking boots and get active.

Walking is good for our bodies and our minds. You get to explore new areas while socialising with friends and family. If you’re not a walker, maybe we can convince you to give it a try. You’ll feel the benefits straight away.

How Walking Can Benefit You

Gets You Moving

The Government recommends you get active for 150 minutes each week. Walking makes this easy to achieve. You can do five 30 minutes walk per week. You won’t need any fancy gear and can build up slowly, so you’re not putting too much pressure on your body. Do this for a couple of months, and you’ll find your fitness levels rising.

Makes You Feel Good

Walking gets you outside into the fresh air. Nature is such a great mood booster. Living in Kendal, we know this is so true. The organisation Walking For Health says that active people have up to a 30% reduced risk of becoming depressed, and walking can also help people recover from depression.

Builds Confidence

Regular walking can also help you feel more confident. By being regularly active, you can manage your weight, and you’ll feel fitter and stronger. This contributes to self-confidence and self-esteem.

Gets You Socialising

The recommendation is to continue meeting friends and family outside, so why not all go for a walk together? A brisk walk is around 3mph, so you can still chat and catch up with people. Or you could join a walking group and make new friends. Walking groups may take you to places you haven’t been before, such as the Lake District. You’ll get to enjoy nature with supportive people who can motivate you to try more challenging walks.

How to stay energised during a walk

We live in Cumbria, and we know that the higher the mountain, the more endurance and energy you need.

You need to pack plenty of food and drink if you are planning on a longer, more challenging hike. It’s recommended that you snack throughout the walk rather than plan to have one big meal. This will help keep your blood sugar levels up.


Flapjacks are a great source of energy. Fruit and nut flapjacks can provide a slow release of energy over time, helping you walk further for longer. Nuts like almonds are high in calories and are full of proteins, carbs and healthy fats. Eating a flapjack will provide you with energy throughout your entire walk. You can stock up on flapjacks here.

Jelly Babies

There is a reason why runners eat jelly babies during a marathon. They aren’t just a kid’s sweet. They actually have a high GI meaning they are carbohydrate heavy. Unlike bread, jelly babies can be quickly digested, meaning you get an instant burst of energy. They are perfect for when you feel like you are flagging. Plus, you can carry a bag in your pocket for quick and easy energy boosts. Buy your jelly babies here.

Kendal Mint Cake

It’s the original energy bar. Our mint cake contains high levels of glucose which can quickly be digested. This means you’ll get the energy you need immediately. If you are challenging yourself and climbing higher peaks, you’ll want sugar, so having a bar of mint cake with you will satisfy that craving. Plus, the higher you walk, the more your taste buds are dullened, so the mint flavour will be extra satisfying.

For an extra sugar hit, choose our delicious mint bars enrobed in delicious dark chocolate.
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Enjoy Exploring and Keeping Fit

Have we tempted you to come to the Lakes and discover the joy of walking? The beauty of walking means you can do it anywhere. It’s not just the Lakes that provides spectacular views and idyllic walks. And, because we have our online shop, you don’t need to be in Kendal to buy our world-famous mint cake.

Before you go for your next walk, make sure you stock up properly on the food you need to keep you energised. Head over to our online shop now to get prepared.