Chocolate Kendal Mint CakeWhen preparing to explore the great outdoors, every explorer needs a snack pack that will keep them full of energy without weighing them down. Some people think about plain snacks like granola or trail mix for hiking, climbing, or other outdoor adventures. But the team at Quiggins has been working with a dedication to the taste buds of adventurers since 1840.

We’ve focused on perfecting our Kendal Mint Cake, making sure that the sweet is both convenient for you to carry on your travels, and tastes delicious. It’s the perfect snack for vegetarians, vegans, and sweet-lovers!

A Dedication to Serving Vegan Adventurers

The Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake rose to popularity in 1845 when Queen Victoria’s husband received the snack as an offering upon his arrival in the Isle of Man. Nowadays, the cake is also becoming a vegan adventure staple.

Our company prides itself on its vegan confectionery product list, which includes the famous mint cake. Clients can choose between an assortment of gelatine free sweets when perusing our website:

When it comes to vegan sweets, our team at Quiggins aims to satisfy your sweet tooth with choices. We want vegan clients to be able to tailor their snack choices to their adventures and their taste buds.

The Quiggins Story

Kendal Mint Cake Tin

Though we have a long history since our founding in 1845, Quiggins has remained resolute in being a family-owned business with deep roots in the community.

We handcraft our vegan sweets in the centre of Kendal. Using large and open copper pans, we boil the animal-product-free sugar solution. Team members handcraft each bar. Our cakes have accompanied explorers, adventurers, and day trippers throughout the world.

The vegan confectionery stands out because of our handcrafted and well-tested unique blend of peppermint oils. We have dedicated ourselves to mastering the balance between delicious flavour and energy-boosting properties in our snacks.

In 1990, our Kendal mint cakes went along for the journey across the transatlantic with an international team of explorers. Our snacks helped the travellers accomplish the first recorded crossing of the Antarctic on foot, which took the team about 220 days. The cake rations given to the team helped them maintain weight while going on a journey dedicated to raising awareness about climate change.

For the Vegan Adventurers in Your Life

Kendal Mint Cake - Vegan Sweets

Whether you’re the adventurer, or your loved ones are always on their way to the next destination, Quiggins would love to help them stay healthy and energized. All of our vegan snacks are available for gift box purchases. Whether you want to surprise a partner with a box of Kendal mint cakes before their next hike or want a box of treats for your next adventure, our team at Quiggins would love to provide for you. 

Vegan Sweets

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