Sweets and Treats Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
Sweets and Treats Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
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Vegetarians and Vegans Sweets
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Vegan Sweets

January is Veganuary. Having started in 2014, Veganuary’s mission is to make veganism more visible and accessible for people and businesses. Run by a non-profit organisation, it seeks to inspire and support people sampling a vegan diet. If you are partaking in Veganuary, Quiggin’s have a full range of delicious vegan and vegetarian sweets that you can stock up on to help you.

What is veganism?

Vegans don’t eat food that has been made with animal products such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Some foods and drinks use hidden animal products such as gelatine that are also not eaten when following a vegan diet.

Why do people choose to go vegan?

Veganism is on the rise, especially among younger people. In 2019 there were 600,000 vegans in the UK, according to the Vegan Society. And it looks like these figures are continuing to rise.

Here are some of the reasons why people are choosing to eliminate animal products from their diets.

Quite simply, some people don’t believe in harming animals for food. They believe every sentient creature has the right to life, and humans should respect that.

People consider the meat industry a significant contributor to environmental issues. Large amounts of land are needed for livestock, and this contributes to deforestation. A considerable amount of water is used in animal agriculture, which could be reduced if we ate less animal produce. Plus, animals contribute significantly to the release of greenhouse gasses.

•Healthy Choice
Many people choose a vegan diet for the health benefits it can provide. Studies have shown that vegans tend to have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and less chance of suffering from heart disease and cancer.

People who follow a meat-free diet could save on average up to £645 each year on food.

Is it difficult to switch to a vegan diet?

While veganism may feel limiting for some people, you don’t actually have to make too many changes to your diet. Switch your sausages to vegan sausages and still enjoy a sausage sandwich. Want a latte? Choose a vegan alternative to cow’s milk.
There are also vegan sweets, and that’s where Quiggin’s can help you. Whether you are already vegan or thinking of joining Veganuary, check out our extensive range of vegan and vegetarian sweets.

Quiggin’s Vegan Range

Head over to our vegan range in our online shop, and you will find over 25 vegan sweets and confectionery ready to be purchased.

Our vegan range includes:

• Kendal Mint Cake
• Plain chocolate-covered mint cake
• Plain chocolate peppermint creams
• Pick and Mix jars
• Gummy sweets including tongue painters, Dracula teeth and space mix.

You can also buy vegan gift boxes for friends and family filled with a range of Kendal Mint Cake. These are perfect presents for birthdays and other special occasions, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that these products are 100% gelatine-free.

To discover all the vegan sweets you could imagine, visit our online shop to view the entire range.

For more information about Veganuary and how you can join in head over to Veganuary.com