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We hear you. Those chocolate cravings can be intense, and while we love chocolate at Quiggins, we also know that you should eat everything in moderation.

The British Heart Foundation launches Dechox this month. They’re encouraging you to raise money by giving up chocolate for an entire 31 days. That includes chocolate muffins, chocolate raisins and even those chocolate sprinkles you get on top of a cappuccino

Now, you might not want to give up chocolate for good, but there are alternatives if you are reducing the amount of cocoa you consume.

So if you’re reducing your chocolate intake or you don’t like the stuff (apparently it’s been known), then we have some sweet alternatives for you to choose from.

All the sweetness. None of the chocolate

Let’s start at the very beginning. Our original Kendal Mint Cake. This sugar candy bar is made from either white or brown sugar and is delicious. Yes, we enrobe some of it in plain chocolate, but you can still enjoy chocolate-free as it was traditionally made back in the 1800s.

Toffee is another confectionery that can be enjoyed without chocolate. It’s sweet and chewy and comes in different flavours. We make treacle toffee, liquorice toffee and butter toffee. Because toffee is so sweet, we find that you eat less, and it’s a good one to share with friends.

If you prefer hard and crunchy confectionery, peanut brittle might be the ideal chocolate replacement. It’s made from sugar (so it’s sweet), but the peanuts’ saltiness complements the sweetness, making it a tasty treat.

Another confectionery that has peanuts is our nougat bars. We make the traditional pink and white striped bars or a cherry nougat.

Time to revisit these old classics.

People forget that chocolate is the relatively new guy on the confectionery scene, and some of these oldies have been made and enjoyed for hundreds of years.

Like coconut ice, another traditional candy still enjoyed by many today.

There there is our range of pick and mix classics. These gummy sweets are vastly popular, and many of them are also vegan-friendly, making them a delicious treat for everyone.

Here’s just a few of our pick and mix sweets you can buy online:

Or, if you can’t choose, go for one of our pick and mix jars. They are filled to the brim with vegan-friendly sweets and are a great gift for those who aren’t eating chocolate. These make the perfect present.

Finally, we also recommend you try Kendal Jacksmith’s flapjack if you’re cutting down on your chocolate. We stock 8 varieties of this award-winning flapjack, and we know the golden syrup will be enough to kick any chocolate cravings to the curb.

Sweet like chocolate

Obviously, chocolate still remains a huge favourite amongst sweet connoisseurs, but it doesn’t have to be your only choice. You can still enjoy great confectionery without the added chocolate.

There’s a reason why many of these sweets have been made the same way for hundreds of years.

Shop online to discover some new (and old) favourites.