Quiggins Kendal Mint CakeAsk any walker in Cumbria what they have in their rucksack, and we guarantee they will say Kendal Mint Cake.

Synonymous with exploration and endurance, Kendal Mint Cake remains a firm favourite with outdoor adventurers. But what exactly is this sweet treat, and why does it remain so popular?

Kendal Mint Cake

It Isn’t Actually A Cake.

Despite its name, this sugar-based confectionery doesn’t contain eggs or flour. Here at Quiggin’s, we keep the exact recipe a secret although we will confirm its main four ingredients are sugar, glucose, water and peppermint.

The Quiggin’s family began producing confectionery in 1840 when they were based on the Isle of Man. They started making the mint cake when one of the four sons, Daniel Quiggin, moved to Kendal in 1880 and have been producing it ever since. 

The recipe hasn’t changed in 150 years, but Quiggin’s has adapted it. We were the first to create a chocolate-coated mint cake which has proven to be just as popular.

When it comes to mint cake, Quiggin’s definitely have the knowledge and expertise.

Kendal Mint Cake

The Original Energy Bar

There is a reason why Kendal Mint Cake remains popular amongst not only mountaineers and hill walkers, but also cyclists and runners. The cake is high in glucose which can be rapidly digested and is a fantastic energy-boosting source.

Famously, the mint cake has been to the top of the world. In 1975, Sir Chris Bonington took Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake on his successful ascent of Mount Everest.

The ingredients of the mint cakes make them the perfect re-energising food for high altitudes. Your body craves sugar as it climbs to a higher elevation. Our cakes are easy to digest and give the body the fuel it requires to carry on.

And the strong peppermint flavour? Loved by many, the flavour has a purpose too. Our taste buds are dulled at higher altitudes, so the mint flavour is the perfect tasty treat to eat on a mountain-side.

Not only has our product climbed to the earth’s highest heights, but it has also travelled down into its depths. Again, in 1975, our mint cake was taken down the world’s deepest pothole in Papua New Guinea.

Kendal Mint Cake

Where Can I Buy Kendal Mint Cake?

You don’t have to be an intrepid explorer to find Quiggin’s Kendal Mint Cake.

Just head over to our online store to purchase all the mint cake you could possibly want.

Quiggin’s online shop stocks both the white and brown mint cake as well as the popular chocolate-covered variety. As the oldest surviving Kendal Mint Cake factory, we have been producing the confectionary for almost 150 years so we can assure you that you are buying the best.

Not only can you purchase individual cakes, you can also buy gift sets for friends and family. Our beautifully-designed gift boxes and tins filled with our mint cake make the perfect present.

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Suitable for: Vegetarians & Vegans.