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Kendal Mint Cake

As the summer rolls around, and COVID is hopefully an issue of the past, many families are looking forward to getting out and about and enjoying making wonderful memories once again. For those families that enjoy the great outdoors, mountain walking is the perfect activity as it is healthy, requires no specific skills and does not need to cost a lot of money.

When most people begin planning a mountain walk, their primary focus is on the clothing and footwear, but one thing that many people fail to take into consideration is the snacks they pack in their rucksack.

Food is Important

Regardless of how long you have planned for your trip to be, it is critical that you put preparations into place in case something untoward happens. This need not necessarily be an injury; it could be a situation where your son or daughter suddenly feels weak or hungry and needs an energy boost.

We recommend planning ahead and putting in some of the following food types. Fruit and nuts make good choices and are relatively easy to pack. It makes sense to eat little and often during the course of your trip as this helps your body to digest the food easily and prevents you from suffering from indigestion, which is the last thing that anyone needs when on the top of a mountain! Another vital addition to your rucksack is any food type that can deliver energy quickly and efficiently – and the overwhelmingly good choice for this used by mountaineers across the globe is Kendal Mint Cake.

Kendal Mint Cake has been a popular snack choice with climbers, cyclists and runners for many years. This essentially is because it is a portable, durable source of energy, which can deliver that much-needed boost when a member of your family has hit the wall. Emma Stevenson, a professor of sport and exercise science at Newcastle University, explained, “It is high in glucose and therefore is rapidly digested when consumed, and so is a quick source of energy. Kendal mint cake is also easy to transport and easy to store, so it makes sense to invest in a few bars before setting off on the trip.

Mobile Phone Strategies

Although the aim of going on a mountain walk or trip is to enjoy yourself, we want to ensure that our families are safe at all times. This is why it is important to have a working mobile phone with a fully charged battery. As mobile reception is always variable, our recommendation is that you carry two phones on different networks to maximise the chances of being able to get a signal should an emergency present itself.

Always let a loved one know where you are and what time you anticipate returning so they can raise the alarm should you not return within an hour of your expected time. Although mountain walking is typically a safe and relaxing pastime, it makes sense to implement these precautions in case something does arise.