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Christmas Present
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Christmas Chocolate Gifts

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Quiggin’s. We’re already busy packing orders which is great. Getting your gifts together puts us in a festive mood.

While we were putting together a rather large order of chocolate, we started to wonder why chocolate was given as a gift at Christmas. Obviously, it’s delicious, and we all love it. But, it’s not always been popular, so how did it become a festive favourite?

We did a bit of confectionery research, and this is what we discovered

The Advent Calendar

Waking up and finding chocolate behind a small door is a tradition for many children. But Advent itself goes right back to the 5th century. At this time, the clergy ordered people to fast three days a week during the run-up to Christmas. Known in Latin as ‘Adventus’ meaning ‘Coming’, the origin of Advent starts here.

Later on, protestant families introduced picture calendars at the beginning of December. To help build up anticipation for the big day, the children could open a small door to reveal a religious image.

These days, they get to find chocolate behind the door each morning. We say they, but we bet many of you still have your own advent calendar too!

Christmas Log

Winter Solstice marked the start of the most brutal season of the year. Short days and cold temperatures put a strain on resources. People would only burn one log of wood on the fire at a time to help save supplies.

As this became less necessary, the log was made decorative. It became a symbol of winter brought out in December.

The chocolate yule log came much later when chocolate became cheaper and therefore more popular. It originates from France and is a chocolate sponge roll layered with cream. It’s covered with chocolate made to look like the bark from a tree, and it tastes delicious.

St Nicholas’ Day

Giving gifts has long been a tradition of Christmas. But it’s St Nicholas’ day that is synonymous with giving chocolate as a present.

Although this has adapted and changed, some countries still mark St Nicholas’s Day. A day where an old bearded man rewards good children with sweets and chocolates.

Want to give chocolate this Christmas?

If you’re planning your Christmas shopping list, we can help you with some fabulous chocolate surprises.

For children, there’s plenty to choose from:

For the grown-up chocoholics, go with:

Our mint cake is enrobed in luxurious Belgian dark chocolate, making it perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

When you order your chocolate gifts from us online, you know you are sending high-quality confectionery that’s made in Kendal. You can also arrange for the gift to be sent straight to the recipient so you won’t have to face the long queues at the post office.

We do also deliver overseas, but we ask you to call or email us to arrange the order.