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At Quiggins, we’ve seen a massive rise in our online sales over the last 18 months. Loads of you love to shop from the comfort of your own sofa. And it looks like that isn’t going to change.

Why buy online?

There are many advantages to buying your sweets and confectionery online.

It’s convenient for a start

Trying to fit everything into 24 hours can be tricky. Need to buy a present? There’s no need to traipse around the shops hunting for something. Head over to our gift hampers and get it sent straight to the recipient. No queuing. No wrapping. No post office visit. Simple.

Plus, online shops never close. You can work late, visit the gym, watch TV and then buy your sweet stash from the comfort of your own bed. Schedules don’t have to be changed, and you don’t have to run out of your favourite sweets.

It gives your arms a rest

Online shopping lets you buy in bulk without struggling with heavy shopping bags. We sell all our mint cake varieties in packs of 12, meaning you can stock up and are less likely to run out. Basically, if you bulk buy your mint cake from us, we’re saving you from a confectionery disaster!

It improves your hosting skills

Got a kid’s party to cater for? Don’t want to fill the party bags with lots of plastic toys? You don’t have to. There’s plenty of options in our online shop. Choose a pack of 24 milk chocolate squirrels or 12 bags of vegan mermaid sweets.

Buying online gets rid of the last minute late night dash to the supermarket. You can be organised. And you can impress your guests by presenting them with top quality sweets and confectionery.

It’s stress-free

Buying sweets and confectionery should be fun. You’re buying yourself something to enjoy. But, the shopping experience isn’t always that great. Online shopping takes away the stress. You can browse at your leisure, compare products and make informed choices. Think about it. Do you want your mint cake plain or enrobed in delicious dark chocolate?

It reduces petrol costs

There was a time when you could only eat mint cake if you visited the Lake District. It’s no wonder the tourists came flocking.

Nowadays, you can eat Kendal mint cake whenever you fancy. Buying online means you can always buy your favourite sweets and chocolate no matter where they are made. You can get Quiggin’s Kendal mint cake, Quiggins marzipan bars and even Kendal Jacksmith’s flapjack bars online without having to get in your car. Local produce can be delivered to you.

Based in Kendal

Obviously, we’re still in Kendal, and our products are sold in many shops in and around the Lakes. We’d love for you to come and visit us and buy your mint cake direct. But, that’s not always possible. Our online shop keeps you connected to Kendal, the Lakes and Quiggin’s. No longer do you have to wait for your next mint cake treat. You can buy mint cake and any of our other delicious products whenever you want.

Why not head to our online shop now and treat yourself?